Treat Me Like You Do (2008)

"Countless men in the air, on the land and sea, yet everything that truly happens, happens to me..." (Jorge Luis Borges, 'The Garden of Forking Paths')

Treat Me Like You Do is a film to be worn as a mask, the story of two lovers missing a body until you and someone else provide one.
Two disembodied pairs of arms lay on a table, waiting for you to take them and wear them, perhaps, somehow, to become them.
The table, a horizontal projection screen, serves as a bridge between reality and fiction, image and physicality.
Viewers are invited to participate to an unnecessarily torrid, intimate encounter and play as impotent actors of a surreal love story that is irremediably out of their control.


Deviced by Clara Garcia Fraile

Sam Pearson and Clara Garcia Fraile

With the assistance of Chloe Ducharne, Mamen Rivera and Chris Watkins

• National Review of Live Art 2009, Elevator
• Battersea Arts Centre Graduates Festival 2009 (London)
• Experimentica Festival 2009 (Cardiff)
• Supper Club, The Basement, 2010 (Brighton)
• Ilusión y Realidad, Fundación Antonio Saura, 2010-11 (Cuenca, Spain)
• Supper Club Greatest Hits, The Basement, 2011 (Brighton)

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