Historians, novelists and cinema script writers often ponder about the source of those moments when people revolt and fight for something they feel, think or dream as a more just world. But what about the absence of conflict in those moments when material and affective penury penetrates life, sometimes to the brink of unbearableness? Why do we stand still and remain submissive, ready to accept and implement control and instructions while exploited, oppressed or bored to death?
Perhaps because the enemy is not something as alien and identifiable as a creepy monster with watery eyes, armed with laser guns? Perhaps not even televised turban-wearing bearded men? In which everyday gestures does the face of the monster reveal?
The Show of Your Life is a walk into a very familiar unknown, ready to manage your future all the way to the end of your time. A ground-breaking, horizon-size, hyper-efficient spectacle machine is under construction here for us, by us, inside us, all over us. We don’t know the end, we don’t know the purpose but we have a system in place and we’re all very nice people, so it can’t go that wrong… or can it?
It's easy: put the video-goggles on like a normal pair of glasses, then the headphones and just relax and follow until the show is over - follow the film, follow the rhythm, follow the yellow brick road.
Let us take care of the rest. After all, exit doors are always open and it is all just a film...

The Show of Your Life is a wearable film and one-to-one performance created within The House of Mystery Roadshow project, which also involved workshops and performances in public libraries in Spalding, Skegness, Grantham, Gainsborough and Lincoln.
This piece accompanied the 2013 Summer Reading Challenge and brought together Me and the Machine, Lincolnshire artists and other members of the local community to explore the uses of immersive film as a dance and theatre stage.

Artistic direction:
Sam Pearson and Clara García Fraile
Deviced and created
by Sam Pearson, Clara García Fraile and Chloe Ducharne
Production by Chloe Ducharme and Victoria Canals
Videography by Omar Danuk
Performers in video: Chloe Ducharne, Clara García Fraile, Sam Pearson, Luan Blake, Louisa Pearson, Adrian Pearson, Victoria Canals, Chris Cresswell, Miguel Angel Sales
Live performers: Sam Pearson, Chloe Ducharne, Clara García Fraile, Victoria Canals and Nuria Alemany

This was a
partnership project between Lincolnshire County Council Libraries Services, Dance4, Frequency Festival 2013 and The University of Lincoln

18-26th of October at
Frequency Festival 2013, Lincoln, United Kingdom.

Reworked version at
Omissis Festival, Italy, June 2015.
The Show of Your Life (2013)
me and the machine