Devised, written, choreographed and performed by Clara García Fraile

Work in progress show at Transitant, Palma.

The Conquest of Hard Bread (work in progress)
Very short dances with objects for a table top.

Through body choreography and manipulation of everyday objects and food, each micro-piece of
The Conquest of Hard Bread explores ‘the cooking process’ of a different concept concerning contemporary social organisation, such as Progress, Culture, Science, Work, Parliamentarianism…

A visual experiment to redraw the meaning and try to understand the workings of the abstract values that conform the pillars of our social and economic system, downscaled to the size of a sandwich. See the cook at work, the ingredients, the process and enjoy your meal.

The snack-size pieces will be offered to audiences as a fast food menu, preferably in the public space.

me and the machine