Created and devised by Clara García Fraile
illustrations by Sam Pearson

The Box of Secret Secrets existed as a live intervention and online:

Live intervention at Supper Club, 2009 (The Basement, Brighton)
The Box of Secret Secrets (2009)

" The walls close in and we can't breathe.
The more people struggle for breath, the worse it gets".

(Raoul Vaneigem)

The Box of Secret Secrets was a space for the anonymous exchange of secrets.

You need a secret of any kind:
a secret story, a secret dream,
a secret love, a secret bid,
a secret fantasy, a secret sin,
a secret city, a secret wish...

Put your secret in the box. Take one secret out.
You won’t know where your secret goes.
You won't know where the new one came from.

me and the machine