Awarded First Prize for Performance and New Tendencies in the Young Artists Awards 2009, Junta de Castilla y Leon (Spain)

Devised, performed and filmed by:
Clara García Fraile
Sound design and music: Sam Pearson

• Ilusión y Realidad, Fundación Antonio Saura (Cuenca, Spain, 2010-11)
• Laboratorio de Arte Joven del Instituto de la Juventud de Murcia (Murcia, Spain, 2010)
• Instituto Riojano de la Juventud (Logroño, Spain, 2010)
• Dance:Film (Dance Base, Edinburgh, 2010)
• At Play 2 (South Hill Park, 2010)
• Sala Borron (Oviedo, Spain, 2010)
• Palacio de Medrano (Ciudad Real, Spain, 2010)
• Factory (Phoenix Arts, Brighton, 2010)
• The Ausform Performative Screen (Bristol, 2010)
• Sala de Exposiciones Unamuno (Salamanca, Spain, 2010)
• Cinecity Festival (Brighton, 2009)
• The Scientist International Videoart Festival (Ferrara, Italy, 2009)
• BAC Graduates Festival (London, 2009)
• National Review of Live Art - Elevator (Glasgow, 2009)
• Final Cut Film of the Year Show (Brighton, 2009)
• EDIT International Dance Film Festival – British Films selection (Budapest, 2009)
• Il Coreografo Elettronico, Napolidanza (Naples, Italy, 2009)
• ACT International Festival (Bilbao, Spain, 2009)
• EmergeAndSee Film Festival (Berlin, 2009)
• Dance for Camera Festival “Experimental Perspectives” (South East Dance, Brighton, 2008).
• Beyond Film Festival, (Durham, 2008).
• The Supper Club, The Basement, (Brighton 2008).
• ACTART6, (London, 2008).
• Lighthouse Univille, (Brighton, 2008).

The Impossibility of Being an Apple (2008)
The Impossibility of Being an Apple is a film not-just-to-be-watched, a live game between screen and audience where performers become viewers, viewers, performers and nobody becomes an apple.
The viewers are provided with an apple when entering the screening space. The film will invite them to perform different tasks with it and with the other persons around them: to touch, to smell, to ‘acknowledge’…
Combining animation, choreography and performance for camera with tasks for the audience, the film transforms its own screening into a playful live event and the cinema space into a performative site, activating the live context of ‘watching’.
The Impossibility of Being an Apple is also a bizarre story about impossible transformations, the possibility of changing and the impossibility of being someone else. An invitation to play and to enjoy the beauty of the simplest acts of life.

“The Impossibility of Being an Apple was charming and unpretentious stuff; our participation as an audience unthreatening. I came away feeling beguiled and light in my heart”. (Sarah Bryant, “A Personal Introduction to Performance Art")
“Once every so often a film is submitted that defies categorization.” (Final Cut)

me and the machine