A pioneering cameraman struggling to capture the arrival and departure of a train, a woman struggling to find her beloved, me, struggling to find this film to show it to you, and you…?
Four very real fictional people, more than one hundred years apart, get together today, here, there, now and then, thanks to the magic capabilities of the movie theatre.
This screen-based work plays with the mysterious, disjoint time fabricated by the film-screening event, when the time dimensions of the cameraman, the subject in the camera, the editor and the viewer converge.
As an exercise of 'film recycling', it also questions the parameters of ownership and authorship of audiovisual media.

Films Noirs is a collection of imaginary films (or a film that only ever happens in your imagination…).

The primary material of cinema, the blank screen, becomes its very subject.

The 'spectators', in a traditional cinema set up, are invited to create a film in their imagination, its images being evoked through words, rather than delivered by the screen.

By stripping down the film screening of images, Films Noirs pays homage to the living sculpture of cinema.

Created by Clara García Fraile.
With the
assistance of Sam Pearson.
Archive footage “A Train Entering Hove Station” by George Albert Smith (1897) supplied by South East Screen Archive and the British Film Institute.

- Focus Left, The Arches, Glasgow, November 2010
- Moves International Festival, Instituto Cervantes, Manchester, April 2011
Created by Clara García Fraile.
- CineCity Festival, Brighton 2009
- Supper Club, The Basement, Brighton, 2010
A Train (or the possibility of time travel in the eye of the beholder), 2010
A Bus Leaves the Station, 2009
There is a person watching this film who doesn't know this moment is the most fortunate in her entire life...

Created by Clara García Fraile
Lighthouse's 30 Seconds of Fortune, 2009.
Films Noirs, 2009
me and the machine