Concept and devising: Clara Garcia Fraile
Lori O'Reagan, Lewis Bellwood, Alex Mannion-Jones, Soline Pillet, Mamen Rivera, Adam Place, Orlando Ulysses Brits and Clara Garcia Fraile.

Un-disciplined, University of Brighton Gallery, 2007


Don’t (2007)
Don't: is a live film.

The image of a clown appears projected on the screen. It will mirror the movements of anyone standing in front of the screen, while whispering voices read out instructions from a 19th century etiquette manual.

The screen works as a deforming mirror, where the viewer finds his/her performance 'manipulated' into an unusual appearance and transported to a different space.

Don't: challenges the conventional predetermination of film and the passive role of the film viewer by presenting a 'live movie', where the gallery visitor is the main and only character of the work: a clown.
me and the machine