A choreography of attention for one person and photographic documentation

"Authorities establish monuments in public spaces to symbolize themselves or their ideology, and influence the historical narrative of the place" (Wikipedia)

A list is made of fleeting unmonuments which withdraw allegiance from categories which our culture is generally devoted to as a way of preserving forms of power.

A proposition of a way of looking around you, a proposition to see:

* * *

«an unmonument to Submission that you have to break in order to walk on
an unmonument to Speed that gets soaked and sinks down
an unmonument to Victory to be stepped on
an unmonument to Progress that dissolves in a flow
an unmonument to Hope to be ignored
an unmonument to Fear never to be found
an unmonument to Visibility to be disregarded
an unmonument to Efficiency to be rendered useless
an unmonument to Grandeur to be cleaned up from the floor
an unmonument to Safety to be destroyed by accident
an unmonument to Work that will never be made
an unmonument to Urgency that slowly deteriorates overnight
an unmonument to Accumulation that consumes over the course of a conversation
an unmonument to The Future to be eaten up - or vandalized»

* * *

you could make your own unmonuments next time you walk on a street or wherever you are.