sites of beauty
* ongoing project

In May 2017 I travelled to my mother's beauty salon in Zamora, the far west of Spain, in order to open and document conversations about beauty with her miscellaneous clientele. Where and when do we experience beauty? How does it feel? Do we get enough? And, ultimately, what's the use of it?

In the paradigmatic and familiar space of the beauty salon, where beauty is usually taken for granted as fruit of a kind of labour - something we produce in order to fit a socially desirable standard - with a little bit of time and attention, a more radical understanding of beauty unfolds: beauty as the fleeting emergence of something that had not yet been thought, an uncontrollable and unpredictable experience of pure feeling that words struggle to express.

Beauty sites is an attempt to understand my mother, the nature of beauty and its potential as a weapon of production of ungovernability and new world.

- 25 minutes video loop
- photograpy and text exhibition / publication coming soon