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Intervention and installation at DAS Graduate School, located in the former site of a Shell laboratory, 2017

«In February 2017, Clara García Fraile was given the task to use the field delimited by Ceramiquelaan, Tolhuisweg, Berleylaan and the EYE Filmmuseum "to make her utopian theatre".

Since then, she has been collecting the seashells mysteriously appeared in the field and, with them, she elaborates a unique line of handcrafted souvenirs in the memory of Shell, which inhabited the grounds from 1913 to 2005 and left behind an invisible legacy of toxicity.

All profits go toward purchasing the land, which will then be open for the use of anyone who may want to put utopias into practice.

How the seashells arrived to this field still remains a mystery.

Current funds raised: 32,50€»