the duty of lovers
Series of group conversations, 2017 - in progress

The Duty of Lovers is a series of frameworks for groups of people to think together about how our loving actually works: what is what we are calling love, what needs to be happening for it to be ‘love’?

Taking as a starting point the interviews that migration institutions around the globe perform in order to validate marriages between partners of mixed nationalities, the audience is invited to ask questions in order to test the veracity of the love story of a couple, who cannot be seen but respond by typing live on two separate screens. The couples responding vary from real lovers, to friends pretending to be lovers in order to get residency papers, to Romeo and Juliet, for example.

Rather than affirming new criteria for judging or opinions of support or antagonism towards existing norms, the work intends to activate a process of think about love through undefinition and multiplicity, through what we are able to ask about it rather than what we can retell.

Whereas Marriage - the highest institution of love - attempts to crystallize the lived experience of this social relation, love thrives in the form of mist…: can we then think about love as a form of extendable, rebellious socio-political form of organization which could challenge current 'normality'?

There, where love becomes uncountable and inexpressible, unpredictable and uncontrollable, even obscene, perhaps there is where it can start living its potential to become a weapon for constructing new forms of living.

«...To have dismantled love in order to become able to love, finally»
A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari

DAS Theatre, Amsterdam, various from December 2017 to March 2018
Winters Binnen, Amsterdam, February 2018
clara garcía fraile