the love stories donation desk
* ongoing project

The LSDD is a touring, pop-up office that facilitates the transference of love stories from people who have them to other people who might need one for any poetic, politic, bureaucratic or heart reasons - particularly those people who have agreed to get married in order to get asylum or work and residency permits but need to invent a love story because they are not really a couple.

The donation procedure consists of interviews similar to the ones that non-EU nationals have to pass in many european countries in order to be allowed to wed a EU citizen.

The love stories that pass the test and therefore can qualify as 'real couples' in the eyes of the law, are archived and made openly available in different formats: through collection in person at the LSDD, as a visual installation in different formats, a love story generating machine, a manual book, etc.

Inspired by the organisations of blood donors, the LSDD facilitates the formation of an untraceable, actual and concrete entanglement of selfless, mutual support: an invisible band who dares to be concerned with ethics and solidarity above legality, a slow sabotage of immigration laws and of the universal institutionalization of love. Civil registries around the world will get infected with evergrowing recycled love stories: linear law-fitting love narratives where the forests of our lived loving will never be able to fit - until, one day, exhausted, they will stop making sense even to themselves and will be abandoned forever by all the persons who inhabited them, leaving behind only a trace of rotten papers and bodiless databases that no one will ever desire to look at again.

clara garcía fraile