the love stories donation desk
* ongoing project

The Love Stories Donation Desk is a pop-up office that transfers love stories from people who have them to people who need a credible love tale in order to get married to obtain asylum, residency or work permits.

The donation procedure consists of an interview similar to the ones that non-EU nationals have to pass in many countries in order to be allowed to wed a EU citizen. If approved under regular official standards, their love story becomes part of the archive of the Love Stories Donation Desk, where it might be distributed freely to anyone who requests one. Requests are also dealt with in person at the Desk.

Civil registries around the world will get infected with evergrowing recycled love stories - law-fitting love narratives where the forests of our lived loving will never be able to fit - until, one day, exhausted, they will stop making sense even to themselves and will be abandoned forever by all the persons who once inhabited them, leaving behind only a trace of rotten papers, passport control desks and bodiless databases that no one will even think about ever again.

Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, October 2017
Antic Teatre, Barcelona, February 2018
Winters Binnen, Amsterdam, February 2018
DAS Theatre, MP Presentations, Amsterdam, June 2018
Art in Oost, QRU, Amsterdam, July 2018
Zurcher Theater Spektakel, August 2018

Clara García Fraile
Rodrigo Batista
Annefleur Schep

In collaboration with Pablo Sacristán

Photos by Giulia Passamonti and Thomas Lenden.

clara garcía fraile