1 May 2016
When We Meet Again at Palma amb la Dansa, Teatre Xesc Forteza (Palma, Spain)

21-22 May 2016
Europe’s Living a Celebration at At Home, Home Live Art,
Angel House,
Brighton Festival (Brighton, UK)

27, 28 & 30 May 2016
Participation in the National Film Board of Canada VR XP workshop (Montreal, Canada)

31 May 2016
Talk at the MUTEK’s VR Salon symposium (Montreal, Canada)

2-4 June 2016 (date tbc)
When We Meet Again at FUTURE OF THE WORD: forum on the future of language and literature in the digital age,
Strelka Institute of Media, Design and Architecture
(Moscow, Russia)

Now making:

Europe’s Living a Celebration
Premiere 21-22 May 2016 at At Home, Home Live Art,
Angel House, Brighton Festival (UK)

“I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in" Virginia Woolf

This is our home, our burrow, our place, our own square meter of brick and mold and earth - and we are going to make sure our door remains locked and safe. Aren´t you the outsider, stranger, invader, the animus monster from the closet of all legends and tales?
Europe’s Living a Celebration is a multimedia fable, a kinetic sculpture about belonging, safety, paranoia and 'preventive violence' that you can look at, but not touch.
The latest on Me and the Machine´s Door Project series in collaboration with visual artist
Lidia de Pedro and dancer and performer Simon Malone.

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me and the machine