My work consists of peculiar gestures in the middle of situations that are already there, happening - propositions for playful ways to be in them.

There are ambiguous dramaturgies by which we usually operate in the world, scripts we embody in order to relate to other bodies and to the stuff happening around us: 'the-way-things-are'. Searching for different ways of doing or looking at 'the-way-things-are', the way a naive curious foreigner or a lost child would do, attention is brought to their artificiality, to their audacious arbitrariness... and to their presence. The constructed nature of these agreed fictions is given consistency - and, if they are constructed, they can be changed. By performing them differently, they are brought into light, into hand and into doubt.

Ranging from invisible to public, accessible and often humorous, these interventions are shared in the form of conversations, group encounters, video, photography, archives, fanzines...

Particular elements are often accumulated and stubbornly classified: found footage of rich and poor people dancing, records of erratic legal statuses of persons and goods, sounds of multitudes, ways to exit a theatre or love stories formatted by bureaucratic standards in the Love Stories Donation Desk... While building these unlikely archives, difference can be observed, while it overflows the narrow frames applied: timid but committed, blank possibility spilling beyond the cheap seams of the hegemonic script.

Frictions between ethics and legality appear, between desire and norm, between banality and responsibility, between right and wrong. And, in that tremor, we are invited to be uncertain about our own positions and try a different way.

It is, perhaps, a study of the potential of doubt as a poetic weapon for transformation.