Me and the Machine makes multidisciplinary performance formed by Sam Pearson and Clara García Fraile in Brighton (UK) in 2008.

Our work combines everyday audiovisual media with text-based performance in adventurous and accessible ways, to question emotions and power relations in the midst of our media-inundated lives, through our image-inundated bodies.
We device ways of playing with the social sculpture that emerges around the spectacle, the correlation between the enigmatic docility of the public and the fascinating authority of the screen, the stage, the book page…
The results range from wearable dance film to expanded cinema screenings, one-to-one performance, immersive installation, a self-destroying book and an online platform for the anonymous exchange of secrets.
Audiences are invited to engage performatively in unique experiences, being dislocated into hybrid realms, somewhere in between reality, poetry and fiction.

The “high production values and experimental and risk –taking approach” of these pieces has been acclaimed by audiences and art workers internationally.
Our works have obtained
The Arches Brick Award 2010, a nomination for the Total Theatre Awards and the ‘First Prize in Performance’ & 'Outstanding Artist Award’ in the Young Artists Awards 2009 and 2010 (Premios de Arte Joven de la JCyL, Spain). When We Meet Again was also part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2011 and of the UK representation in the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean 2011.
We have also performed at Forest Fringe (Edinburgh), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), the National Theatre and Sadler’s Wells (London), De Balie (Amsterdam), Temps d’Image (Dusseldorf), Battersea Arts Center, Future Everything (Manchester), Finland, Cairo, Macao, Budapest, a nuclear bunker in Krakow…

Me and the Machine was initiated by
Clara García Fraile (1984) and Sam Pearson (1985). We met while studying Performance and Visual Art at the University of Brighton, where we graduated in 2008.
Sam is also experienced as a musician, composer, illustrator and graphic designer and Clara has functioned, amongst others, as a dancer, factory labourer, video maker and graphic designer.
We are currently based somewhere between Bristol and a secret island.

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me and the machine